22 February 2010

Anaconda Rocks!!

This is a post I made in reply to Eric's Bad Movies at Film.com who slammed Anaconda in his review:

Ok, first of all Anaconda is fabulous because of what you say above, but you forget that it also rocks because it features pre-Affleck J.Lo! We all forget how chill, promising, and great she was before she took up with that no-talent @$$ clown Affleck, and they got all jointly stuffy/plasticky in a weird, very ken and barbie matching outfits kinda way. Before that she was Selena! She was someone Soderberg would cast opposite George Clooney! (Who incidentally said one of his favorite all time movie experiences was being closed up in a trunk pressed against J.Lo in Out of Sight. But I digress.)

I also wanted to suggest that you add to the "Unintentionally Hysterical" category: The Ring, Notes on a Scandal, and (I'm going straight to hell, but...) The Passion of the Christ. I attended all of these movies with different groups of friends, and at each film, we all ended up laughing over and over at things that were clearly not meant to be funny!

In fact, the screening of Notes on a Scandal was a special advance screening- which we frequently enjoy here in La Manzana Grande- the filmmakers happened to be in front of us, and during one very funny moment, we were chastised for ruining the movie experience for everyone! To this day I think of the feedback I gave them for that movie: "Its a light-hearted cautionary tale about the dangers of being kind to the elderly."

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